Fundraising & Partnerships

Fundraising Efforts

Since the date of formation of the Foundation on June 16, 2011 the principle activities of the Foundation have been to study the market and asses the needs of the communities we support. We have also been working with other charitable organizations to assess the best way to help fulfill their mission.



Living at Home & American Classic Rides

American Classic Rides and Living at Home Solutions are both owned  by Patrick Hurst, a director of The Bud Hurst Foundation. 

Living at Home Solutions specializes in the retrofitting and remodeling of homes for senior citizens and the disabled so that they  can continue to live in their homes for as long as they can, safe and  independent. We are very focused on seniors “Aging in Place” with the  highest quality of life. 

American Classic Rides, while having other services, focuses on the seniors and the disabled to live independently by focusing on their vehicles. We provide senior car care and mobility services to seniors and the disabled.

Both of these companies will work with The Bud Hurst Foundation as well as many other charitable organizations that require the type of services they can provide.