The Robert Hurst Foundation

Focused on serving those with disabilities

The Robert Hurst Foundation is a not for profit, 501 (c) 3 organization established to provide fundraising to support disabled individuals in need. The Foundation promotes awareness for improving the quality of life for those with disabilities. The Foundation helps members of society who cannot help themselves.

The Foundation is committed to working with established, reputable third party charitable organizations with services directly impacting The Robert Hurst Foundation mission. The Foundation will not donate funds  directly to individuals. Donations are handled by third party charitable organizations directed towards appropriate funding for  research, education, goods or services to individuals and/or organizations in need.


About Us

Our Mission

The Robert Hurst Foundation seeks to work with and fund organizations that help individuals with disabilities live as independently as possible in their community. It is our commitment to support organizations that create solutions and promote advocacy for those individuals to attain the highest quality of life possible.

Our Vision

To be an effective advocate promoting and funding individuals with chronic illness and disabilities to attain their highest quality of life. We provide support to charitable organizations focused on improving the individual's health and independent lifestyle.