About Us


The Robert Hurst Foundation

The Robert Hurst Foundation was founded by Patrick M. Hurst. Patrick has worked in the healthcare industry for over 30 years. He started the organization to honor his father, become an advocate for the disabled, and also give back to the communities in which he has worked. 

The Robert Hurst Foundation does not provide any direct monetary funding to individuals, but directs and coordinates volunteered and non-volunteered support to individuals in need. Any monetary funding that will go directly to an individual will be administered by a recognized charitable organization that the Foundation will either provide fundraising events or directly contribute to a specific program that will benefit the individual.

Additional focus of the Foundation is fundraising and distribution of awards, both monetary and through services provided to charitable organizations that help improve the quality of life through independence of those with chronic illness and disabilities. We focus our efforts to provide services and research to individuals supported by the mission.


Physically and Mentally Disabled

Support organizations that help provide solutions so individuals with  disabilities can experience the freedom and independence that affordable  devices and technologies can provide. The Bud Hurst Foundation provides financial and non-financial support to organizations that provide services for individuals with developmental disabilities to help them become independent. The Foundation assists with client-centered programs that provide clients with assistance in the  least restrictive environment and maximize each individual’s potential  for independence, self-sufficiency and personal development based on the  person’s own needs and preferences. 

  • Vocational Rehabilitation 
  • Mobility/Transportation 
  • Living independently 



The Robert Hurst Foundation is committed to working with established, reputable, third party charitable organizations with  services directly impacting the targeted areas within the Robert Hurst  Foundation mission. The Foundation will never donate funds directly to  individuals. All monetary funding for individuals will be handled by third party charitable organizations that specialize and are equipped to  coordinate and monitor the appropriate funding to individuals in need.

To learn more, call Tina Menconi at (312) 399-6977, or email tmenconi@budhurstfoundation.org